Welcome AMANEK - CS:GO Roster Update

Welcome AMANEK - CS:GO Roster Update

In our #Reshuffle announcement, we outlined our ongoing process to achieve victories and trophies with our CS:GO team once again. This is an iterative process that we are constantly working and improving towards. Despite the strong efforts of our team and coaching staff, it’s fair to say that our recent performance is still not at the expected level. As such, we are implementing another change to the team, one that we believe will reinforce the consistency and efficiency of the team, giving players the opportunity to be reposition to more appropriate roles. More importantly though, we are confident this will return the team to a trophy winning level that the entire world can be proud of.

We are therefore incredibly excited to announce that François ‘AMANEK’ Delaunay has agreed to join the G2 Army. A strong rifler and lurker, AMANEK doesn’t just bring the firepower, but also comes with the brain, bringing additional strategic and tactical depth to the team.

On joining G2 Esports, AMANEK said,

“I am very excited to join G2 Esports! My aspirations have not changed since I started playing in competition. I want to be the best version of myself, I want my team to be the number one in the world and I will do everything I can to achieve this goal.”

Discussing the addition to our roster, G2 Esports CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez said,  

"In our quest to be number one in CS:GO, we are on the lookout for opportunities to improve our lineup. The moment we realized AMANEK could improve our team and help return it to winning form, we decided to move forward with haste. We're deeply confident in our current upwards trend and are convinced that AMANEK will return French CS:GO to its former glory"

We are ecstatic to be welcoming AMANEK and looking forward to seeing him in the server soon. To facilitate his role in the team, the decision has been made that Alexandre ‘bodyy’ Pianaro will no longer be starting in the server. Discussing this decision, team manager, Jérôme ‘NiaK’ Sudries, and coach, Damien ‘maLeK’ Marcel, said:

“We have a very clear vision of how we wish to evolve and refine our CS:GO team in 2019. This is a process that is evolving and developing as we review our performances, identify and reinforce our strengths and improve upon our weaknesses. Alex has contributed greatly to our recent development, engaging fully with the team and by making significant progress. That said, we still feel that greater changes are needed and as a result, have decided to move Alex to our bench. This has been done in good spirits and following discussions with the team and we will be actively looking for a new home for Alex with his full support. Nevertheless, we are incredibly excited to have AMANEK as a part of the team. We believe François will adapt very well to our system and will allow other players to readjust and grow higher and better. We can’t wait for it to show in the server. #ALLEZG2!”

This roster change will come into full effect after the WESG Finals in China, for which bodyy will be competing with the team. Throughout this period, we will be working with bodyy and other organisations to find him a new team.

As always we are striving to achieve greatness in every game that we compete in. We are proud of the progress we have seen in the team thus far and cannot wait to see them achieve the greatness we know they can!

If you would like to learn more about AMANEK, you can follow him on Twitter.