We’ve started 2023 off strong, a new song, new rosters and new merch lines. Now all we need to do is get rid of all the choking and 0-3 curses.

Since we won our first CSGO title in 6 years while he was acting as interim CEO, it was a no-brainer for us to have Alban Dechelotte as our new permanent CEO. Accompanying him at the helm is Sabrina Ratih as our COO and Philippe Adam as our CFO. These three form the “Avengers” of senior leadership teams in esports - well suited for leading the best team in esports.

Alban Dechelotte shared some words “G2 is truly a unique esports organization, consistently pushing boundaries in competition and entertainment. Our legacy is rich with its combination of unforgettable finals and powerful stories captivating the world. I feel privileged to serve the G2 ARMY of our fans, players, creators and staff in this mission to unleash the potential of G2 to fight for all trophies and beyond.”

Sabrina Ratih shared some comments: “I’ve always been very attached to G2 since Value of We started working for the company in 2018. Since then everyone at G2 always maintained the same huge ambitions, drive and high performance attitude that still fuel the company to this day. It’s incredibly rewarding to see how we’re continuing to develop and grow our global audience outside the parameters of esports, build new digital touch points and leverage our entertainment verticals as a multiplier. I‘m excited for this new challenge and look forward to shaping our next period of growth with the whole G2 collective.” 

We’ve achieved more than any other organization so far and with these three at the helm, it’s time to invest in a bigger trophy cabinet.