Red Bull Racing Esports Team Expands

Red Bull Racing Esports Team Expands

Strong partnerships are an essential part of esports growth and development, with both parties merging their strengths to accomplish incredible feats. It is in this vein that we are excited to combine our esports operations and sim racing experience with Red Bull Racing professionals to bring the ultimate sim racing competitive squad.

The Red Bull Racing Esports Team was first created thanks to the F1 Esports Pro Series. As the collective is looking to expand to more racing games, they require a strong foundation and team support to have the best drivers in the field. Red Bull Racing Esports is a merger of the former G2 Esports drivers and new talents. The squad has the potential to be the best all-rounder team due to the huge collective tournament experience, game variety, and the drivers’ proven track record in multiple titles.

“It is tremendously exciting to see this new direction being taken by the Team” says Formula 1 Team Principal Christian Horner. “We took part in F1 Esports last year and the response was incredibly positive. We are a Team who has always backed youth and this opportunity provides us with the potential to engage with a wider and younger audience, whilst becoming competitive in a rapidly expanding and exciting new discipline. I can’t profess to be an expert in the field yet but I look forward to seeing how our rapidly expanding Team fares against the best sim racers in the world.”

We proudly present you the Red Bull Racing Esports Team:

Joni Törmälä, Finland
Graham Carroll, Scotland
Cem Bolukbasi, Turkey
Frederik Rasmussen, Denmark
Patrik Holzmann, Germany
Nestor Garcia, Spain
Sebastian Job, England
Aurélien Mallet, France
Robin Betka, Germany
Zach Taylor, USA

G2 Esports Head of Gaming Operations Danny Engels also shared his thoughts on this collaboration:

“We are extremely excited to have two of the strongest and most successful brands in their respective worlds join forces. Esports racing connects our virtual environment with the real-life sport in a peerless fashion. The accessibility of sim racing offers a new entrance into motorsports for both experienced racing lovers and new fans. The line-up of driversrepresenting the Red Bull Racing Esports Team is the most successful group in the entire sim racing space and will fight for World Championships across multiple games and platforms. I’m confident that this will be our year!”

Keep your eyes open for upcoming events that the Red Bull Racing Esports Team will attend. Three times Forza World Champion Aurélien Mallet will compete alongside European Champion Robin Betka and North American Champion Zach Taylor in Forza Motorsport tournaments. Frederik Rasmussen and Sebastian Job are spearheading iRacing World Championship related activities alongside Patrik Holzmann and Graham Carroll. In addition, veteran Nestor Garcia will fight for the FIA Gran Turismo Sport World Championship. F1 Esports remains the pinnacle of all sim racing competitions and the Red Bull Racing Esports Team can rely on the entire talent pool, joined by Joni Törmälä and Cem Bolukbasi, who have already proven their skills in two F1 Esports Grand Finals.

The team will also participate in other championships and tournaments for such titles as Project Cars 2, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, RaceRoom and more. Stay tuned to Red Bull Racing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and Red Bull Esports on Facebook and Twitter to find out the latest news and updates on the team!

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