R6 Roster Update: Welcome Benjamaster and Titan

R6 Roster Update: Welcome Benjamaster and Titan

After two top 8 Major finishes, 1 miracle run and a reunion with THE God Emperor, we’re starting 2023 off with a BANG. 

Heading into the biggest tournament of the year, SI2023, a change was needed to ensure we stood on top of the world once again. Today we welcome an exciting, up and coming player Benjamin "Benjamaster" Dereli, who will replace Ben "CTZN" McMillan, in the hopes to form a “super team 2.0”.. Or 3.0, we’ve lost count at this point, with Doki, Blurr, Virtue and Alem4o.

Benjamaster shared some words on joining G2, 

“I’m excited to join G2 right before the biggest event of the year. I think we can be a great team and there’s no better way of proving that going against the best in the world. It’s time to bring another hammer back to G2”

Our new player signing is not the only news we have to share. We are also happy to share that we have signed one of the best analysts in the Rainbow Six Siege, William "Titan" Davie! Now we can finally analyze Fabian’s mald % (spoiler alert, it’s really high).

With SI2023 around the corner, can we take the throne as the World’s best Rainbow Six Siege team?

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