G2 Esports Proudly Welcomes BMW as New Automotive Partner. 

Excerpt: We’re delighted to launch our first ever automotive partnership with BMW and join the “United in Rivalry” campaign alongside other world leading esports teams.  

At G2 Esports, we are very thorough with selecting our partners and are particularly keen to work with those that share our drive for success, innovation, and desire to pioneer. There is no other brand that supports these values in the automotive industry as strongly as BMW, which we are excited to announce has joined the #G2ARMY as our new partner!

We truly believe that BMW from today onward will power us as an electric force behind our club as we together stand for innovation and efficiency. BMW stands for joy above and beyond driving and we stand for joy above and beyond esports. We aspire to be the forerunners of the industry, whether it is in viewer entertainment, memes, or competitive success. BMW brings years of knowledge and expertise alongside a powerful brand loved by many across the world. Together, we will accomplish incredible feats in the years to come. BMW will support our League of Legends, Rocket League, Hearthstone, Fortnite competitive players and multiple creators and will most certainly be our official vehicle.

“G2 Esports are pioneers both in and out of game and this is evident in our incredible competitive success, entertaining content, and the energy we bring to our fans every day. BMW will power G2 as we build on our vision to create a massive entertainment empire and bring the best innovation to the esports industry. This is more than a sponsorship, this is a united effort to highlight the power and influence of esports” – says Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, G2 Esports CEO.

Together with BMW ,we look forward to representing and providing even more exciting content, entertainment and achieving even greater success in esports and beyond. The BMW brand will not only act as a strong partner for us but also as a powerful partner to introduce esports to an even wider audience with aspiration to skyrocket our popularity within the general sports and entertainment industry.

We are “United in Rivalry” and “United at Home”.

The teams’ competitive spirit and their historic rivalries have always been a part of the esports scene’s history and lore. At the same time, each team shares a boundless passion for gaming and related activities. This is what “United in Rivalry” stands for, even more, so in these present times of uncertainty and global challenges. As part of the partnership with BMW and in line with esports’ culture, G2 Esports, Cloud9, Fnatic, Funplus Phoenix and T1 will challenge and try to outdo each other prior to tournaments, using the #unitedinrivalry hashtag on channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, and various streaming platforms across the world. And you know, how much we love banter and memes! It goes without saying that the teams’ interactions always stay within the parameters of esports’ etiquette, reflecting the respect they have for each other, and of course will take place at home. Therefore, we will use the #unitedathome hashtag in combination with #unitedinrivalry.