G2 Esports are the Good Game League 2019 Champions!

G2 Esports are the Good Game League 2019 Champions!

This weekend in Poznań, Poland, we swept the competition to become the champions of the Good Game League 2019 Finals!

It has been a busy week for our team; before heading to Poznań, the team spent a week at our offices in Berlin for an intense bootcamp to hone their skills and prepare for their upcoming tournaments. This victory comes just after our qualification for ESL One New York and just before the NA vs EU showdown at Intel Extreme Masters Chicago.

We started the tournament off on the right foot with a win against the CIS powerhouse Winstrike, and then followed up with another to secure our place in the semi-finals against

GamerLegion. GamerLegion proved a formidable opponent on our map pick of Nuke, but the momentum was in our favor after taking 11 rounds with a strong T-side performance, finishing the map 16-10. After the explosive game on Nuke, GamerLegion fell hard on their own choice of Vertigo, due in part to an impressive 27-7 performance from JaCkz. Closing out the series out 2-0, we advanced to the finals to take on Tricked Esport.

The Danes proved themselves a tough opponent in the qualifier for ESL One New York and once again put up a great fight. They nearly managed to take their map pick of Train, forcing overtime after a solid defence on the CT-side. We were able to break through, taking four rounds in a row to secure the win thanks to a solid performance from our in game leader shox. Learning from our mistakes, we came back strong on our pick of Inferno with a convincing 16-7 win to close the series and take the trophy!

With this victory we took our share of the $100,000 prize pool. Our Counter Strike team will try to keep the momentum going at IEM Chicago from July 19th to the 21st, where they will represent Europe alongside ENCE, Vitality and Heroic.

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