G2 presents LEC Match Graphic Art Project

G2 presents LEC Match Graphic Art Project

The idea to take our LEC match graphics to the next level came while looking for new opportunities to engage community members and celebrate the creativity and artistic spark of our fans and followers.

We’ve previously celebrated our big roadshow (Worlds, LEC Finals, MSI) appearances with dedicated artworks. These were not only well-received, but we always found many more talented artists that we wanted to collaborate with. As we reflected, we realised there just were not enough opportunities to feature them all. Match graphics have always been a creative outlet for us and this really seemed like a perfect opportunity, particularly in these uncertain times, for us to showcase these outstanding talents and achieve greater excitement with our match graphics.

Thomas Navaro, G2 Esports’ Art Production Manager, leading the in-house design team said:

“We always try to innovate every split for our League of Legends European Championship match graphics. The league is usually composed of 8 to 10 weeks, and we don’t want fans to get bored of our visuals after a couple of times. We went to the length of memes, distorted faces, IRL compositions… This time, we decided to involve the community. We posted an open call for artists on social, and decided that we would pick one artist per week to illustrate our match graphics in their own style. It was a win-win situation for everyone: on our side we could have a very different kind of visual every week, and on the other hand we gave spotlight to some unsung amazing artists from the community,”

For the full LEC Match Graphic Art Project, we’ve collaborated with 10 artists coming from 9 different countries from around the world: Chile, Italy, UK, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, Colombia, Hungary and the US. We are extremely grateful to have so many talented creators as G2 fans and the esports community at large. We are very proud of the interest and positive vibes this project brought to us and the community.

Karina Ziminaite, G2 Esports Head of Content added:

“We’ve approached it as a digital exhibition of sorts - we’re happy to be able to create exclusive content for our fans and to share the assets as desktop or phone backgrounds as well as full gallery along with this article. We’ll be looking forward to integrating artwork along with other types of digital content in the future as well! We hope that this project along with the final illustrations will inspire even more artists and fans to contribute and support our team with their beautiful creations!” -

You can see all LEC 2020 Summer Match graphics below (Week 1 to Playoffs) and find the download links here.