G2 Owns Spain! Welcome Ibai, Reven, andeR, BarbeQ

G2 Owns Spain! Welcome Ibai, Reven, andeR, BarbeQ

From launching Gamers2 in Spain five years ago, to the roaring crowds of Madrid as we defeated SKT at Worlds 2019, the Spanish community always had a special place in our hearts. Now, we are ready to bring all of Spain under the banner of the #G2ARMY. We’re pleased to announce our first ever creator’s house in beautiful Barcelona, bringing together the best talent Spain has to offer to stream and create high-quality content for the Spanish community.  To lead the charge, we welcome superstar Ibai “Ibai” Llanos. One of the main voices for the LVP, and the greats in Spanish esports, Ibai has brought global attention to the Spanish League of Legends community with his boisterous personality and incredible casting talent. We’re excited to have him lead our quest to conquer Spain. On joining G2, he says:

“Joining means a lot to me, G2 is the best club in the world and this is a huge opportunity to create the best possible content.”

Alongside Ibai, we’re also proud to bring fellow casters and content creators andeR, BarbeQ, and Reven into the fray. We’re honoured to have such a talented lineup of creators  behind us to take Spain by storm.

Our Head of Creators, Brittani Johnson, had the following to say of our newest development:

“We are very excited to have Ibai, andeR, BarbeQ, and Reven in our new content house. They embody the G2 personality and will play a massive role in representing us within the Spanish community. Spanish fans can look forward to a lot of great content just for them. This house is an important step on G2's 2020 journey and you can expect a lot more big surprises from us.”

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Reven: Twitter, YouTube 

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