G2 Esports are your LEC Summer 2020 Champions

G2 Esports are your LEC Summer 2020 Champions

Was there ever any doubt we’d do it? As defending champions and only unchanged roster in the LEC, we showed that our winning formula doesn’t need to be adjusted.  

While it was not an easy Summer for our League of Legends roster, with familiar foes and promising rookies alike hungry for the title, only the true kings of Europe, with the playoffs buff in hand, could wear the crown in the end.

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports put into words how significant this G2 win was: “In my eyes, the strength of an organization is measured in how it reacts to hardship. 2020 has been specifically hard for our team, but we're back. THE KING IS BACK.”

Speaking of kings, Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther was also revealed as the Summer Split MVP ahead of the Finals. His eight Player of the Game awards throughout the season mirrors our eight European League of Legends titles, making us the most decorated EU team in the game’s history. 

The performances of Caps, Perkz, Wunder, Jankos, Mikyx and P1noy on the Rift all deserve praise, as well as the hard work from the coaching team and other staff, GrabbZ, Duffman, AngelArcher, Noodlez, Taco and everyone else behind the scenes that also contributed to this historic victory.  

The year is far from over. The 2020 Season World Championship awaits in China so we will be seeing a lot more from our League squad in the next few weeks. Whatever happens, let’s not forget what got us this far:

Hakuna Matata. 

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