After playing with NVIDIA’s most powerful GeForce GTX and RTX GPUs for years, we are thrilled to announce that G2 Esports will be exclusively collaborating with NVIDIA in Europe.

G2 Esports’ unbeatable performance is boosted by NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX GPUs which deliver higher frame rates that give us an edge against the competition.

Games like Call of Duty: War Zone and Rainbow Six Siege require maximum frame rates, and our Rainbow 6 team will maximize their FPS with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX Series. Select content Creators will also be among the first to access the latest GPUs and technologies from NVIDIA.

Here is what our CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez had to say about collaboration with NVIDIA:

“NVIDIA and G2 are both committed to helping pro players unlock their potential and improve performance. Our players aim for the highest FPS possible to give them every competitive advantage. They need the smoothest animations and lowest latency to get the best results, and we couldn’t do it without NVIDIA.”
Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez

“GeForce RTX hardware provides the best performance; this means maximum frame rates, low latency and a true competitive edge for gamers. It is an honor to work with the champions at G2 Esports and we very excited about working together” remarked Oliver Beck, Marketing Director EMEA at NVIDIA"
Oliver Beck, Marketing Director EMEA at NVIDIA

It is fine line between winning and losing, and we are in complete agreement with the NVIDIA GeForce team when they say Frames Win Games.

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