With a new season comes a new beginning and, of course, a new pro player kit with a refreshed design for our players to wear at tournaments and events around the world. Therefore, we are proud to unveil our brand new pro player jersey and hoodie for 2020. Representing our determination, passion, and insatiable drive for success, our new jersey sends one simple message to our fans and opponents - We Don’t Stop. 

As we entered 2019, we proved ourselves as one of the leading esports clubs in the world, and all eyes were on us. And so, our video begins with our mascot, the G2 Samurai, standing in the spotlight. Approaching the starting line, the samurai readies himself for the road of 2019. He takes off and races through the tunnel of white and red, the G2 Esports club colours, the former symbolising the light moments and challenges, the latter highlighting our failures and, metaphorically, the blood that we spilled. The white and red splits the tunnel in half as our samurai reaches what seems to be the Finish line - the trophies and achievements of the year. Here, he is blocked by the phoenix representing above all FunPlus Phoenix, our League of Legends Worlds Finals opponent. Our samurai stumbles, but he does not falter. Unrelenting, he pushes through fiercely grabbing the Finish line and hereby taking his fate in his own hands. He finally breaks through, with new determination going into the 2020 and revealing the new design with immortalized torn Finish line. In his new jersey, our samurai finds himself once again at the starting line, ready to face the race of 2020 head-on.  Our 2020 Pro Kit brings a brand new jersey and hoodie, both adorned with our new design. Our fans will have the ability to purchase both items in 7 variations - one for each of our competitive teams and their respective sponsors. We are also happy to announce that fans can also purchase a Customized version of our 2020 Pro Player Jersey, allowing them to add their name to the back of the jersey. 

We have exciting challenges ahead of us in 2020 and we cannot wait to face them head-on, to continue our success and to keep on entertaining our fans. No matter what lies ahead, we don’t stop. 

Thanks to everyone in the #G2ARMY for your continued support and we look forward to entertaining you in 2020!