G2 Expands Partnership with Nicecactus

G2 Expands Partnership with Nicecactus

We are happy to announce we are expanding our partnership with nicecactus.gg, a competitive gaming platform dedicated to finding and raising the next generation of esports athletes, as we both look to focus on providing fans and amateur esports players with the best resources to improve their performance and bring fans even closer to their favorite players with new event activations.

Nicecactus has been a long-term partner with us bringing the #G2ARMY memorable experiences through onsite event activations and most recently working with us to produce Making the Squad 2, a talent show where seven Teamfight Tactics (TFT) contestants competed in a variety of challenges for a shot at a $10,000 grand prize. ICYMI, you can view the entire season on our official YouTube channel

Continuing the momentum of a successful multi-year partnership, you will see G2 and Nicecactus collaborate, both online and offline, by continuing our joint activations at events while also developing new online activations for fans that will include games and special seasonal tournaments on the Nicecactus platform. Our regular ‘Play with the Pros’ Discord event will be enhanced by Nicecactus engaging with fans and hosting the qualifying tournament on their platform. 

We also want to build on our shared values of promoting and backing aspiring content creators and esports competitors on their individual paths to success. As part of this vision, our pro players will strengthen Nicecactus’ knowledge base for amateur and semi-pro esports players by providing expert feedback and guidance on guides, professional training routines, and game-specific training modules. 

Mike M. Hessabi, Nicecactus Co-Founder and CEO, said: 

“We are thrilled to pursue our partnership with such an elite organization as G2 Esports. G2's continued trust in us further demonstrates how Nicecactus' solutions are an invaluable asset to the esports ecosystem. Together, we are committed to empowering aspiring esports athletes with the tools they need to achieve their dream of becoming champions. Strengthening this partnership perfectly aligns with our growth momentum and will allow us to broaden the range of activation opportunities available to our users and business partners.”

Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez had this to say about the expanded partnership:

“Nicecactus has been a valuable partner throughout two successful seasons of Making the Squad and a constant at our events. G2 and Nicecactus have shared values of supporting aspiring content creators and esports competitors as they rise to the top. We love what Nicecactus stands for and we are happy to continue to promote the next wave of esports champions together.”

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About nicecactus.gg

First ever all-encompassing esports platform, Nicecactus took root in the sun-bathed French Riviera. Its goal is to foster aspiring esports players who wish to unleash their gaming potential and master their game. Nicecactus provides them with a professional training method as well as all the tools they need to fulfill their dream of becoming champions. Players from all over the world are encouraged to give the best out of themselves, through a continued training program, a fined-tuned stats tracking system and the opportunity to compete in tournaments and make some cash out of their passion in a challenging and fun way. Its first-of-its-kind Nicecactus Grassroots Esports Fund rewards the best players for their talent and dedication by connecting them to the professional world. www.nicecactus.gg