G2 and Domino’s Deutschland Deliver New Partnership Ahead Of Worlds 2020

G2 and Domino’s Deutschland Deliver New Partnership Ahead Of Worlds 2020

For Worlds 2019, Domino’s helped us deliver exciting and delicious experiences to our fans in Berlin. And this year we’re excited to announce that we’ve come back for seconds! 

We’re teaming up with Domino’s, now our Official Quick Service Restaurant Partner in Germany, to make it that much easier to enjoy every single #G2WIN with unique experiences, original content, activations and more for Worlds 2020.

Expect numerous online events, giveaways and other opportunities over the upcoming months with technology platform, Domino's Überall, also enabling us to host larger and wider at-home experiences for fans with a shared love for pizza and gaming. 

Lindsey Eckhouse, Commercial Director at G2 Esports commented on the partnership:

“We are super excited to add Domino’s to our roster of partners. Domino’s have long been fuelling our League of Legends team with fresh hot pizza as they compete, so we are delighted to take our relationship to the next level and propel our team through back-to-back Worlds runs. Our League of Legends team love a victory pizza after a game so it’s the perfect fit for us.”

To kick-start this partnership, Domino’s is offering G2 fans in Germany 15% off to celebrate our upcoming run in Shanghai. As the competition ramps up, fans can expect more ways to enjoy fresh pizza as they support the G2 League of Legends team from home or elsewhere.

Matthias Maier, Head of Marketing Domino’s Germany, had this to say about the announcement:

“We are very pleased to continue our cooperation with G2, with which we can optimally reach our target group in the esports field. Above all, we are happy to accompany the G2 League of Legends team once again on their journey through the Worlds and to provide them with fresh, hot pizza. Pizza and esports, a simply perfect combination.”

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