Announcing G2GO! - The first esports fast-food chain.

Announcing G2GO! - The first esports fast-food chain.

With a string of unfortunate finals in 2021 leaving a bitter taste in our mouths, we know that the #G2ARMY is hungry for something more.

With that in mind, we are incredibly excited to announce the opening of the very first esports fast-food chain, G2GO! powered by our partner Seasonic.

G2 Esports Founder and CEO, Carlos Rodriguez discussed the opening of G2GO! as part of his organization’s expansion plans:

“In a lot of ways it’s crazy we didn’t do this earlier, gaming and food are a perfect marriage. There’s no better way to connect with fans than by filling stomachs while we work to fill our trophy case.”

Speaking of fan connections, many of the G2GO! signature dishes might be pretty recognizable. From the Big Duck (a delicately crafted duck-meat burger) and Missing Spears (our take on the classic Shashlik) to the 0-3 meal, we are positive you will always be left feeling like a true G2 fan.

We want to send a special thank you out to Seasonic, the heart of our system for powering up all 8 G2GO! locations and making it so we can hit our target of a September 2022 Grand Opening. Stay tuned and stay hungry in the meantime!